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PSI is an Oklahoma owned and operated corporation since 1996. The company is a general contracting company that has three similar but separate divisions:
commercial, residential remodeling/construction, and disaster/storm damage repair. Each division specializes in their own areas.

The founder of PSI has been in the construction business since 1975. From site development to finishing the details on cabinetry, the backbone of the company is very sturdy. The objective at PSI is to have an open ear to the needs, wants, and problems of our customer, then based on our knowledge of the construction industry, solving the task at hand.

The almighty $$DOLLAR$$ is more important now than it has been in 65 years. It is our purpose to get the most out of your budget, and at the same time, negotiate with your insurance company to maximize your claim. We have found that through our dealings with the insurance companies, it is becoming more difficult for our customers to get everything accounted for in the original scope or adjustment.

Less than 2% of property owners get adjusted properly the first time around. This is why you need a team of professionals working on your behalf to maximize the money owed to you. It is also a proven fact that general contractors settle claims for more money than do single trade companies, and this allows us to do more for our customers!

PSI's management background is also impressive! Our management staff includes degrees or licensing in engineering, sales and marketing, finance, insurance, real estate, and insurance adjusting. What this means to the property owner is we have expertise in every line of service necessary in meeting your needs! Since PSI relies on our customers for referrals, your interests are #1.

The fact that you are looking at this website would be a strong indicator that you need help with your home or business. PSI has a team in place to help guide you from the start to the completion of your project. Relax and take a walk through our picture gallery. We believe you'll find the answers you're looking for! And also, don't forget to click on our special link sites.

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  1. Initiate claim
  2. Claim paper work
  3. Detailed estimate
  4. Meet with adjuster
  5. Negotiate scope and cost of repairs
  6. Arrange proper payment from insurance company to property owner
  • Roofing: Flat and pitched (all types and brands)
  • Siding: Vinyl, metal, aluminum, cedar, hardy board, etc.
  • Windows: New construction and replacement (vinyl, aluminum, and wood)